About us

Aurokripa Software is founded in 1996, is a revolutionary I.T. engineering Aurokripa located in western part of India, Ahmedabad. We have extensive experience from application development to Design and Web portal development, Development of custom software and SEO services. One of our achievements is having 2,000+ customer bases for our commercial application which includes product installations and customized software development. We have versatile experience for different platform like web base solutions, desktop application, groupware application, Multi media development and Client server applications.

After more than Thirteen years of experience, we are proud to have established in the market as an important benchmark in the implementation of projects in the field of IT. We use technological excellence, innovation and providing customization and added value required for each project, achieving the full satisfaction of our clients.

Value for your company

Working with our clients, we design and build technology solutions that deliver value through an excellent return on investment. Our solutions are robust, intuitive and highly functional.