In addition to the human quality that characterizes each of the members making Aurokripa equipment, our engineers have a high professional qualifications and proven experience in various disciplines of IT sector.

The powers assumed respond to the know-how accumulated around the latest technologies that help make each project to address the consultant, is a solution of technological excellence, unique and exclusive.

In general, the excellent results that tend to get Aurokripa teams are based on factors that sometimes go unnoticed by it for granted, but that does not exist, denote its clear absence and influence. We refer to:


  • Adopting a proactive approach to reaching out and involving each of its members in problem solving and decision making.
  • Show interest in learning and applying new techniques in each of the projects undertaken, sometimes regardless of the application of methods that have a less adequate in spite of being known.
  • Solving problems being addressed by the integrity of the team.
  • Generate continuous motivation through the celebration of successes.
  • Taking innovation and technological excellence as a basic premise for achieving the expected quality with proprietary parts.
  • Being committed to the company and the rest of the team, taking responsibility for a job well done.