Offshore Software Development

At Aurokripa we provide complete IT infrastructure and consulting services at our offshore software development vertical. We cater our clients with full range of offshore software development services from web development consulting, application development services, custom software development to entire systems integration.

Our offshore software development methodology refers to set methods for solving information problems using different programming languages. Our expert team of software engineers covers all the stages of software development from analyzing, designing, developing, testing, documenting, implementing, and evaluating inside the intricate sphere of software engineering.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development:


  • Focus on core business
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Experienced support for IT
  • Improve time to market
  • Optimum use of system management
  • Improved project management
  • Round the clock services
  • Reliable and secure communications
  • Superior system reliability
  • Best utilization of workforce
  • Most favorable support processes

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