Software Migration

Software migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating environment to another operating environment. If you think a couple of features in your software are redundant & might not be required, then software migration services at Aurokripa are perfect solution to your requirement. Our software migration service allows you to enhance the new, level of development platform, whilst furnishing all of the value ingrained in your current software applications.

We have years of experience of working on different software platforms and technology. This allows us to offer you a customized software migration services. Whether it is software platform migration, software technology migration, data migration or user interface migration, our team of software engineers is equipped with the required skills and expertise to support your requirements.


Our solutions in software migration services:

  • MS-Windows to HTML
  • VB6.0 to VB.NET / C#
  • Console based to X-Windows
  • VB6.0 to ASP.NET
  • Legacy to Open Platforms Migration
  • ASP to ASP.NET
  • Stand Alone OS to Network OS Migration
  • ASP Upgrade
  • Console based to Web based
  • Informix 4GL to Java
  • Version Migration
  • Cold Fusion to .NET
  • Flat files to file based database
  • Linc to J2EE and others

Our software migration service helps in preserving your current grooming in data and functionality which are critical to your business and constitutes to the course of your development. Our highly experienced team of software migration service migrates your data from one kind of database to another kind of database.


Benefits of Software Migration Service:

  • Cost and risk reduction
  • More security
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Quick completion of work
  • Increased awareness
  • Easy adaptability towards new systems
  • Improvement in business operations through technical advancement

Software migration works as a base for effectively connecting contemporary technology to satisfy your current and future needs. At Aurokripa we deliver a fully-tested and ready-to-use application whose functionalities are equivalent to your current system settings. Our software migration service allows your organization to stay at a par with the continuously shifting technological industrial standards.

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