Flash Flex development

We offer our clients modernized and newest flash echnology in concern of web drifts and with existing technology demand of the market. With the fast rising need of flash based animated and interactive content on web page, we endow with the services for presentations animation intros, banners, application using flex or flash and of course flash websites. We have perfect squad of employees who are qualified as professionals to make sure that recent demand of the market like dynamic and ecommerce related flex and flash web content, ecommerce online shops, online games and other application have demanding for dynamic functionality are fulfilled. An organized errand that go with the demand or requirements of clients with total quality results and that is at affordable price is the key focus of us.

What is Flash?

Multimedia editing software originally developed by Macromedia (now part of Adobe) which is mainly used vector graphics, but pictures raster, sound, program code, streaming video and bidirectional audio to create multimedia projects. Flash is the developer environment and Flash Player is the program (the VM) used to run the files generated in Flash.

Multimedia Projects range from simple animations to complex programs because, in addition to graphics, video and sounds, incorporating Flash Action Script, a complete programming language that greatly expands the possibilities in the projects.

Flash files usually have the extension. SWF and appear frequently in web pages in the form of animations and applications.


Advantages of Flash/Flex:


  • Compatibility between platforms
  • Animations
  • Video
  • Games
  • Vector Graphics
  • Replacement with images for special fonts

After working with Macromedia (now Adobe)-based solutions, our talented designers are experienced in harnessing the power of Flash and Flex. More than a tool for animation, Flash and Flex applications can be fully integrated with your content management system and provide personalized content without reaching a response rate greater than standard static content.