Microsoft Dot Net

ASP.NET development is the top most web development tool introduced by Microsoft. Aurokripa developed various sort of modules and applications like web applications, websites, online asp application and more.. ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 allows you to develop dynamic web applications.

We are having technically specialists’ teams, having extensive experience in the same field, and entire team is efficient enough to come together to produce remarkable output. Our programmers utilized their expertise and researched in a range of methodology and technologies for .net development. In the current market scenario new technology enters into the field quickly and become mandatory. Our developers understand the requirement of new technology and gear up with it quickly.

The key utilization of security for verification and the utilization of caching will be introduced. Our .Net developers involved in migrating current web applications to .Net framework; fault handling and restoring; interaction with data resources through .Net; to control the application configuration they utilize web configuration; through proxies to work with web services and more… You will feel the difference when you will get the constant support from our experts end.


What you get with Outsource ASP.Net / C# Development Services?


  • A base to carry out simple jobs such as client authentication to operations, site configuration and simple form submission.
  • A strength and litheness to select the language that is best to apply for application partition across many languages.
  • A well-factored architecture that allows developers to “plug-in” their code at the appropriate level.


Advantages of .Net development in India :


  • Technical Proficiency: Hire professional ASP.NET / C# Developers available offshore to work for you.
  • Worth Investment: Clients are guaranteed that allocated project will be delivered on time with highest technically and qualitative standards for any .net development projects.
  • Cost: Clients are saving almost 50% of all their expenses while outsourcing .Net Development to India.
  • Start-up Point: It is always easy to start up any project offshore rather than in-house activities. Aurokripa accepts projects at any stage.
  • Security: all logical property privileges will be in the right place to the original company.
  • Financial Safeguard: At Aurokripa, we understand the value of your money and hat’s the reason we guarantee for the real-time results to be achieved within the time-line. In addition, it is quite standard now for offshore organizations to tender fixed-price results on definite deadlines.