Typo services

Typo3 is a tool especially comprehensive content management. It allows a website entirely content with all that that implies: multilevel structure, search engine management, content authoring and publishing, machinery use of templates for page layout, etc.

Typo3 is also a portal. Manage, in particular, the personalization of the pages as the user identity that is known to integrate a selection of content on a page, as identified user rights.

Typo3 is fully extensible by modules, management modules can be in the admin interface – basic management MySQL, LDAP server management – or user-oriented modules, including on the site – surveys, forums, calendar, news, search..

The extensibility and the large number of modules available Typo3 make a tool of great importance. Although the quality of the modules is uneven, there are many interesting contributions that enable lower cost to implement new functionality for a portal. Make a website with Typo3 closely to mix modules of content and customization, integration of information and external modules, running at the same time one way the editing and publishing rights.

TYPO3 is developed in PHP. Usually deployed on operating systems GNU / Linux combined with the popular Apache web server. It also integrates with several databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

We have on hand experience with Typo3 customization and we can take care of any services related to Typo3. For Typo3 Customization need contact us with your detailed specifications.