WordPress Customization

Elegant look has initiated WordPress Customization Service to supply various site owners and personals about their need to associate the theme of their particular website with WordPress. Sometimes the owners’ of websites think that current theme does not suites to their website and that is the reason they need to think about WordPress Theme Customization.

Our WordPress Customization team has set up with great traits of their graphical and creative capabilities with the helping hands of programming and add-ons functionalities to customize the WordPress as per your requirements.


Hosting services for WordPress

  • Launch of accommodation (hosting). Initial setup and tuning of accommodation hired by the client.
  • Advice and management on the hosting service, what makes your page, and what accommodations would meet your needs? We can answer these questions, and besides, we manage total accommodation management, control panels. Forget just tell us what you need and we’ll do it for you.
  • Migrating your website, when you need to move your site to another hosting, we can do all the paperwork for you.

WordPress Installation and Upgrade

  • WordPress installation, commissioning and configuration as of this powerful open source tool that enables you to create not only pages but also corporate blogs, video portals, portfolios, online newspapers, etc …
  • WordPress updates, have to update the base installation and the plugins for better application performance.
  • Security updates, installing security patches necessary to maintain your secure page when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Customization WordPress

  • Creating WordPress themes transfer your current design format of WordPress themes.
  • Customizing WordPress plug-ins and themes, adjusting the characteristics of both the needs of your website.
  • Translation of WordPress plug-ins and themes, will you have your web interface entirely in Spanish? We’ve been doing translations of software and WordPress plug-ins, we can also do so on request.

Improved current performance of your WordPress installation

  • Optimizing your site to comply with the recommendations SEO, search engine provides to index your page in the database and the result is greater visibility of your page. More visits and higher quality.
  • Spam management, applying the most effective and advanced techniques for spam on your website longer be a nuisance.
  • Cleaning and optimizing the database, if not adequately controlled using the database, this can potentially have a disproportionate size and storing unnecessary data to make your facility loses fluidity.
  • Migrating your site to WordPress, move your page in your current system to WordPress without losing the visits to their old URL (your current page does not have to be a blog, can be a corporate site, for example).

WordPress Support Services

  • Management of WordPress : Aurokripa team of experts will do all the activities of WordPress Customization like installation, migration, upgrades, troubleshooting, customization and enhancements blog, etc.